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Services & Production

Learn more about our services from the selections below!

Premium Sound & Light

The premium sound and light package out-shines the competition!


The premium sound and light package out-shines the competition!

This all-inclusive package provides the very best in both sound reinforcement and intelligent dancefloor lighting.  Our ultra-premium, professional touring grade, RCF loud speaker system delivers crystal clear high-frequencies and ground shaking low-end for the ultimate live performance experience.  Today’s popular variety of Top 40, EDM and Hip-Hop genres are highly compressed and very demanding on a sound system, requiring a lot of power to accurately reproduce the sound as it was intended to be heard.  The premium sound system does just that!  The DJ Mann’s premium sound system is the perfect accompaniment for any medium to large scale event, such as larger weddings or corporate events, high school proms, school dances, or outdoor parties.

Intelligent Lighting

You’re smart for choosing the The DJ Mann, so make another intelligent decision by adding intelligent lighting to your event!

If you’ve ever been to a concert, night club or professional theatrical performance, you’ve seen an intelligent light show!  Intelligent lights are light fixtures that can be specifically programmed with acrobatic like movements while projecting punchy beams of light.  Simply put, they are the industry standard when it comes to lighting design.


Our state-of-the-art intelligent lighting system is a high-energy, synchronized light show that creates a stunning visual experience.  The computer controlled light system can go from a fast-moving aerial effect to an elegant, slow moving spotlight effect with just a touch of a button, ensuring there is always the right type of lighting for each type of song!  Elevate your event with this high-flying, high-impact, concert style light show!


Not too big, not too small, just right!

The compact sound system is perfect for smaller weddings or corporate events, where a more intimate audience may be present as well as for venues with space restrictions.  Generally speaking, the compact sound system is ideal for events with up to approximately 150 guests.  This system includes two professional grade powered speakers, DJ controller, laptop, wireless microphone and sound processing unit.  Dancefloor lighting can be added to this package for an additional rate.

The DJ Mann_Compact Sound System-1.jpg
Wireless LED Uplighting

The ultimate wow factor!

Uplights are a cost-effective way to create ambiance, enhance your theme and add warmth to any venue by washing walls, columns or other architectural features with columns of light.  Chances are, you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on selecting the perfect theme, color scheme and décor elements for your event.  Adding uplights to your venue will not only enhance all of these elements, but will also create an elegant, polished look to your event space.


Additional benefits of wireless LED uplighting:

  • Lights are 100% battery powered, and do not require power outlets or ugly extension cords to operate!

  • Uplights are professional grade units, with a battery life of up to 20 hours of continuous light output

  • LED light source allows for customizable colors

  • Uplights run cool to the touch; unlike hot halogen bulbs that may cause a safety risk

  • Uplights have a compact, low-profile design

  • Uplights can also be placed under any style of table with white spandex covers to create a unique and elegant glow effect!

Wedding Ceremony
Sound System

What did they say?


The last thing you want during your ceremony is your guests turning to one another asking, what did they just say?  Your wedding ceremony is one of the most important moments of your life, so why not make sure your guests can hear every minute of it?  More often than not, your wedding ceremony will take place in a different space than where your reception will be held.  Due to this, you may not have the proper PA system, if any at all, to support your ceremony.  Having the proper PA system during your ceremony will ensure that you can (1) playback prelude and processional songs (2) hear and understand the Minister or Officiant and (3) provide PA support for any live musicians you may have during your ceremony.  Additionally, we can send an audio output signal to your videographer’s camera to ensure they capture every nuance of your ceremony!


If you plan on walking down the aisle to your perfect processional song, want your guests to easily hear and understand your officiant or are planning to have an amazing live singer or trio performance, then our wedding ceremony sound system is a must have for any size ceremony!

Image coming soon!

Custom Video Content

Video is king!

Want to elevate your event with stunning visuals and custom video content that enriches your theme? The DJ Mann is able to curate, edit and produce high definition themed video loops that take your event to the next level!


The video to the left is a sample themed video loop that was created for a High School Prom.  The video loop was played on two large projector screens throughout the duration of the dance, creating an amazing visual experience and adding to the overall décor.

The DJ Mann is able to curate royalty-free, high definition video clips, edit and produce a spectacular final product that stays true to your theme and helps elevate your event!

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